Spinoff Investing Basics Course

Before getting into the Spinoff Investing Basics Course, I have an announcement! I am currently developing an advanced investing course for individuals that want to know more about spinoff investing. If you would like to participate in the beta version of my spinoff investing course at a reduced rate, you can learn about it by filling out the following form.

The following videos provide some of the basics you should consider when investing in spinoffs.

Spinoff Frameworks

Finding Spinoffs at SEC.gov

Good Business Tests

Identify Economic Moats for Spinoffs

Evaluating a Company Using Greenblatt's Magic Formulas

Evaluating Management teams

Valuation Calculator for Spinoff Basics Course

Valuation Calculator

JG Lecture 2.pdf

Duff and Phelps class with Greenblatt

Munger Psychology of Human Misjudgement.pdf

The Psychology of Human Misjudgement by Munger

Cyclical Industries

Investment Journals