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Special Situations - a YouTube Introduction

Why I Study Spinoffs?

Other reasons to pay attention to spinoffs:

  • Spinoffs have traditionally made money for the enterprising investor and work on valuing them is worth the effort

  • Spinoffs occur frequent enough to require me to use my analysis skills often

  • Spinoffs occur infrequently enough that I can pursue other interests when I like

Opinions on Stock Market Investing

  • I refuse to accept that index funds (although great vehicles to start) are the only way to participate in the stock market. If this were always, true then why does Warren Buffet not place all his money in an index fund?

  • I believe that special situations like spinoffs are one place I can put my money to earn outsized returns. Consequently, I believe real estate is another place to put money for this purpose.

  • I believe that consistent, hard work will help me be a better investor.

  • I don't commit money to an investment I am unwilling to lose if that investment doesn't make money for me.

  • I don't believe that stocks will get me rich over night, but a consistent plan using them as an investment vehicle will increase my chances of faster wealth-building.

  • I don't think investing should ever get in the way of good relationships with my family or friends.


Greggory Miller is a life-long value investor. He studied Finance at Idaho State University graduating in 2004 and later obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Boise State University in 2015. When he was in middle school, Gregg calculated the compound interest from a seven year Certificate of Deposit to the exact penny by hand. Gregg admires many value investors. In college he studied finance because he wanted to learn how Warren Buffett became successful. He was disappointed because a finance professor he respected dismissed the notion that value investing could still pay off. As a result, Gregg kept one foot in the efficient market theory camp and one in the value investing camp.

Later in life, Gregg decided to learn for himself about investing to see if his professor was right. In 2016, he stumbled upon a small portion of the value investing world: spinoff investing. Author of the book, Spinoff Investing Simplified (released 8 Jan 2018), Gregg wants every interested individual to understand simple investing techniques in value investing. His most successful investment was marrying his wife Kayla and he doesn't expect to beat the returns from that decision. They are the parents of three amazing spinoffs: Alma, Brenix, and Daxton.

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  • Spinoff investing strategies

  • Spinoff investing techniques

  • Simple company valuation