I like to work with honest forthcoming individuals and sometimes that is not always clear on the internet. Therefore, please note that the links on this page do provide me with income and benefits when you use them. If you do like what I am doing and want to participate in a win-win situation follow these links to find great products about investing and spinoffs! I appreciate your support. - Gregg



The Securities and Exchange Commission Website

-by the US Government

If you are serious about investing in public companies in the United States you should be intimately familiar with this website. This website provides access to the quarterly and annual filings provided about companies listed on US stock exchanges. Even better, this product is completely free. I don't get any kickback for recommending this extremely well put together government website. This link will take you directly to the search page with the very query that I use in my own stock research. I heard rumors that some websites wanted to charge for this information, I just hope it helps you.

-by Unknown

I found this site useful to get past spinoff information. Before understanding how to use, it gave me great insight into spinoff history. The authors update their site from time to time with new blog posts and focus on more than just spinoffs but they maintain a list of past and upcoming spinoffs that I found useful to work with. This site does not offer an affiliate program at this time.

-by Neal Shanske and Unknown

I found this site to be a great place to cut my teeth on spinoffs. The list of spinoffs here have also been maintained for several years. The authors do post from time to time on the new spinoffs that are to occur.

-by Rich Howe

This blog has decent musings on current spinoffs that are bouncing about in the market. The author does provide official recommendations from time to time making it useful for the action-oriented investor.


-by Yinon Arieli

I cannot thank Yinon Arieli enough for his willingness to write the forward to my book. His website provides great information about investors for paid subscribers. I found this resource to be insightful and useful to my budding interest in spinoffs. His focus is on spinoffs throughout the world, so he has a broader approach than mine. He is not perfect in his investing (is anybody?), but I have found that his ideas are well reasoned. He does not have an affiliate program for this link and my endorsement does not provide income at this time.


Must Read

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits

-by Joel Greenblatt

I warmly recommend the book that helped me solidify my focus on spinoff investing. Mr. Greenblatt does speak of other areas in the market where the reader can find great returns, but he starts with spinoffs and for an interested reader there can be no better place to start. It may be somewhat dated but it does provide the reader with great insight into Greenblatt's thought process which is what makes his book valuable.

The Acquirer's Multiple: How the Billionaire Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market 1st Edition

by Tobias E. Carlisle

This book is not about spinoffs per se, but it does discuss valuation techniques used by billionaires for investors. You may read this and notice that it describes similar techniques to those used to value companies on Shark Tank. Carlisle worked with Maurece Schiller earlier in his career, and therefore has a great investment pedigree.

For Additional Information

ALPHA FOUND: Understanding Corporate Spin-Offs and How to Trade Them for Maximum Profit

-by Geoffry Hossie, Paul Cuatrecasas

Reviews on this book sometimes indicated that it was simply a sales pitch which is an honest review. However, I found that the reader could glean insight into their trademarked system that will help upcoming spinoff investors. In particular, I found their timing information to be valuable. The reader should note that they focus on 80% plus spinoffs and exclude Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for their research.

Spin-off to Pay-off: An Analytical Guide to Investing In Corporate Divestitures

-by Joseph W. Cornell

This extremely pricey book sells at $250 new. I normally find that spending so much on learning something new is like returning to my university years-overpriced books that you wonder if you will ever read them. When I purchased this book, I thought it would be a full textbook because of the price and the publisher. However, it is a full 201 pages and focused on several spinoffs of the 1990's when it was written. If you must have every book in the current spinoff library you might be able to pick up a copy of this for about $50 used. Cornell, like Greenblatt provides excellent information about spinoffs and has a thorough grasp of the spinoff market. He continues to write on spinoffs from time to time and his insights can be very useful to the new entrant.